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Ryan Herold, D.C., M.S.

Ryan Herold is a Doctor of Chiropractic working with people who have been injured, are in pain, and/or have functional issues in their daily lives, while at work, or while at the gym. He uses chiropractic along with other modalities, weighing heavily on rehabilitation to not only help people resolve their pain, but more importantly, work through the dysfunctional issues that may have been adapted.

Dr. Herold believes in the healing ability of each individual. He also believes in educating his patients to better care for themselves. He uses many different techniques and modalities to work through his patient’s issues and teaches them home care through exercise, nutrition, and overall changes in their daily activities.

Dr. Herold was enlisted in the Air Force from 2006-2010. He was stationed in Germany working in satellite communications. While there, he was moved to quality assurance to oversee the units program at the time. He built multiple QA programs for the various job titles, while ensuring the programs were followed. During his enlistment, Dr. Herold was awarded Airman of Quarter in 2009. He was then awarded the Diamond Sharp Award in 2010.

Dr. Herold is trained in multiple techniques including Gonstead, Diversified, Logan Basic, Cox Flexion/Distraction, and SOT. Dr. Herold also holds a certification in Dry Needling, which he has been using since May of 2018 to further help his patients.

Dr. Herold holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, a Master’s of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. All of these degrees were completed at Logan University.